Mission, Vision & Values


Ligbron Academy of Technology offers the highest quality of education to learners academically, technologically and morally in a disciplined environment, ensuring that they will be assertive, contributing employees and leaders in their chosen career fields after completion of school.


Culturally diverse learners are guided to experience fulfilment and success in the areas of academics, culture, sport, technology and morals while opportunities for leadership development are created and pursued in these areas.

Educational excellence, through both Afrikaans and English mediums, is ensured by maintaining a competent and motivated professional corps of teachers through proper selection, in-service training and monitoring.


Value is added to neighbouring historically disadvantaged and under-performing schools through the e-learning project by broadcasting Mathematics and Science lessons to the benefit of these underprivileged learners via interactive whiteboards.
The Christian ethos and value system is upheld and practised within the school community.
Educational laws / regulations, school rules and traditions are honoured.
The dignity of educators and learners is treasured and their rights to equal opportunity in a non-discriminating, multi-cultural environment are promoted.
Educators and learners act in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the school with respect, integrity, responsibility and discipline at its core.