In the early 1940’s the Dutch Reformed Church and the Rev. N.J. Veltman realized that young people needed to be trained in commerce. Discussions to start evening classes failed, and there was no assistance from the then Department of Education. In 1958 the “Reddingsdaadbond” offered financial help and two commercial schools were started, one in Johannesburg and one in Ermelo. The very first educator was Mr. J.H. Kotze. Mr. Koot Kruger was the first Principal for both these schools. In 1954 Mr. P.J. Heyl became the first full time principal. The school became a registered State School in 1956.

The commercial school was first housed in the Dutch Reformed Church hall called the Johanna-hall. When this hall was demolished the foundation-stone was cemented into the present school building, which was erected and officially inaugurated on 3 November 1961. The new school was called Albert Hertzog Commercial High School, named after Dr. Hertzog.

Mr. Heyl resigned on 29 September 1967. Mr. G.B. Jordaan became principal from January 1968. In the same year the then Transvaal Education Department became the school’s national employer. A Technical study course was implemented in the school to manage the policy of differentiation. The school also celebrated its 25th year of existence.

At first the subjects Electricians work and Fitting- and Turning were introduced, then Motor Mechanics, Technical Electronical and Welding- and Metal works followed in 1972. In 1973 the first pupils registered for a Technical course and in 1977 the school became a fully registered Technical school. Technicians who were so urgently needed in the Country came to the school for training. The school expanded very fast and soon a vice-principal post was established. Mr. D.J. Ligthelm filled this post.

In May 1977 the Advisory Council of the school changed to a Board of Control. The school name therefore changed to High School Ligbron (initiated by Mr. D. van der Nest). Mr. G.B. Jordaan finally resigned after 19 years of duty. His successor was Mr. J.P. Smith in January 1988. During October of the same year the school name once again changed to Technical High School Ligbron. Mr. Smit was offered a promotional post in Springs and Mr. C.J. Bester became his successor on 1 April 1992. Mr. Bester vacated this post in December 1999. Mr. J.J. Du P. van Rensburg, Vice-principal at the time, became principal in July 2000. Under his visionary leadership, a shift in emphasis in the school’s curriculum was implemented and the worldwide need for education in Technology is now being addressed. The school’s name changed again to reflect this shift, and it is now called Ligbron Academy of Technology.